PDPA Compliance Audit

Review PDPA compliance of the organization

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PDPA Compliance Audit Service

Conduct the review in legal aspects for the existing work procedures, measures, privacy policy and documents related to personal data in order to prepare for the Compliance Audit Report and provide advices about the proper guideline to comply with PDPA by legal professional.

Due to the complexity and the variance in each business industry of PDPA Compliance, the organizations should consult with PDPA professional to review the accuracy and mitigate the risk for legal punishment that may occur.

Features of services

Analyze all organizational chart and internal procedure of the company that related to personal data under PDPA

Interview key staff/personnel to determine workflows in connection with exchanges of personal data

Conduct legal review by legal professional, prepare Data Mapping, analyze the PDPA compliance of the organizations

Prepare Compliance Audit Report which will include the risk assessment under PDPA, lawful basis for data processing and advice for proper workflow to comply with PDPA

What you will get

Compliance Audit Report together with recommendations from legal professional

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PDPA Core is trusted by more than 50 businesses, including both small and large enterprise customers.

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Price will depend on the complexity of your business, we will design and estimate to suit your business.

Who is this service for?

If your organization has already implemented to comply with PDPA in some parts or completely but still uncertain with the proceeded implementation and would like the legal professional to review in order to ensure that your organization is accurately comply with PDPA, PDPA Compliance Audit will help review and provide a proper recommendation for PDPA compliance.


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