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PDPA Core provide an advisory and implementing your business operation to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) ("PDPA") by legal professional team together with well-suited technology.

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Our Service

    PDPA Implementation

    Review flow of personal data, Prepare Gap Analysis, design an effective procedure and prepare legal documents by legal professional team see more

    PDPA Advisory

    Consult PDPA's matters privately with legal professional about PDPA (Private Session) which will be covered all details of PDPA compliance guideline for your business see more

    PDPA Training and Seminars

    Provide PDPA training/seminar to internal personnel of the organization to raise awareness including PDPA guideline. We are ready to answer any questions you might have see more

    PDPA Compliance Audit

    Review PDPA compliance of the organizations, conduct risk assessment, prepare Compliance Audit Report and provide recommendation by legal professional see more

    PDPA Legal Document

    Customize PDPA Legal Documents by legal professional team see more

Why Us

Why PDPA Core ?

Well-experienced legal profession

Our legal professional team are experienced in many industries, both domestically and internationally, covering from small to large enterprise. They also have an in-depth of PDPA and data security.

One-stop Service and Technology

We have varied PDPA services from legal documents preparation, tools, training and seminar, and softwares, which will not cause an additional expenses.

Right choice for your business

We support our customers in choosing the right choice that suited with their needs, business purposes and budgets. We provided to you with a PDPA guideline suitable for your business and will not cause you for unnecessary expenses.

Our Trusting client

PDPA Core is trusted by more than 50 businesses, including both small and large enterprise customers.

over 10,000 users of personal information management software

Our Methodology

Step of Compliance with PDPA Core*

Confidently comply with PDPA with operation and guidance throughout the process by professional lawyers. With compliance tools to make your compliance program easy, trusted by leading organizations.

Company Review & Gap Analysis

The legal team will start by conducting a gap analysis and designing a workflow that complies with PDPA

  • Conduct a legal review of the company’s existing personal data protection standards, and review the data flow, conduct the data mapping and gap analysis.

  • Provide an assessment of legal risks under the PDPA, lawful basis to processing the current personal data

  • Provide the design of effective procedures and recommendations to comply with the PDPA.



Then, the legal team will prepare the legal documents for the company that are necessary to structure the PDPA compliance framework. Review existing legal documents is included.

Example documents from PDPA Core

  • Record of Processing Activites (ROPA)

  • Privacy Policy for Customers/Employees/Vendors

  • Consent Form

  • More than 10+ other documents

  • Edit or add clauses in the document or agreement


Training and Workshop

Provide the training for company’s management personnel, DPO and key staffs to raise awareness of the importance of PDPA, understand the management process, improve working methods to reduce the compliance risk.


Legal Support & Advisory

  • Ensure the compliance with the PDPA standard with a regular monitoring system.

  • Provide legal advisory on PDPA compliance for any PDPA’s issued that may arise during its business operation.


*Service scope can be allocated according to the budget or the needs of the company.

Free! All PDPA Implementation clients will be entitled to use cookie Consent Management Software and DSAR Management Software immediately for 1 year plus 7 auto-generated policies and agreement free of charge.

The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Lead by experienced legal professional

Chayanan Chaikampa

Legal Counsel Manager

Professional Experience

  • Advising on commercial and compliance matters, including PDPA, for company and clients in diverse industries as well as drafting legal documents in leading e-commerce company.
  • Assessing compliance risks, developing policies, and conducting training.
  • Involvement in data protection matters as part of the Corporate Data Protection Committee.


  • Bachelor of Law, Chulalongkorn University

Our Training and Seminars Experience

Digital Trend 2022 for your transformation

Digital Trend 2022 for your transformation

Topic: Data Governance & Privacy Trend : Does it technology help to make it easier ?

Audience Size: 1,500




Audience Size: 100

Road to Success in PDPA

Road to Success in PDPA

Topic: PDPA has been postponed but businesses are still required to comply.

Audience Size: 100

PDPA intensive seminar and how to prepare your business for the law

PDPA intensive seminar and how to prepare your business for the law

Audience Size: 100

Webinar PDPA Journey

Webinar PDPA Journey

Topic: Compliance and Implementation

Audience Size: 100

How to Kickoff with PDPA

How to Kickoff with PDPA

Topic: Cooperated with Sripatum University and Thai Federation on Logistics


Free! PDPA Core Handout & Self-Checklist

Service handout together with short version of self-risk assessment for free download

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